Tuesday, April 27, 2010

what I LOVE about living in the white house

Yesterday I moved into my new home - the white house. (And we would all like to thank Chris L. for donating a fun fact booklet about the presidents in honor of our new presidential-sounding home). Many people have laughed at the white house because it is old and a little worn down. I will certainly confess that it isn't perfect. Yes, I found a dead bee in my bed. Yes, our kitchen is the most vibrant shade of kelly green you've ever seen. Yes, the boys who lived here last left a thick layer of grime on everything.

But despite it's imperfections and chipped paint, I think this is going to be my favorite place that I have lived to date. Because I am obsessed with lists, I am going to list all the things I love about my new home!

*The little nook my bed is in. I have put a tension rod with an orange curtain in the nook so I can have my own private little area.
*The room I share with Laura has two little nooks so we can each have lights on and not disturb the other one's sleep
*The desk is huge! I have plenty of space to scrapbook without getting on Laura's side
*The kelly green kitchen actually ended up being really cute once we added some shelves, pictures, and curtains.
*I love having to work on the house and figure out what we want. The living room still has a ways to go, but it is so fun to pick out exactly what we want (as long as it is under $20) to beautify our home.
*I love all the space we have! It is so nice to be in this house and know that I am free to be in any part. It is nice to walk up a staircase to get to my room. It is nice to not live my life from a hallway.
*I love the "home-y" feeling of going through the back door instead of the front.
*I love eating in a room separate from the kitchen.
*I love seeing my piano against the staircase.
*I love that I can live here and stay in my ward. :)
*I love my roomies. I don't really know one of the girls yet, but I met her for a second today and she seemed to be really great. I know first impressions aren't always accurate, but she seems awesome. Haha.

I had a few doubts about moving here (mainly the moving process... there is nothing I hate more than packing! Except maybe bananas...) But there is enough storage and I am enjoying the little challenges of working out the space and decorating. I think I am going to love my summer in the white house!

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